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C & W establishes new law in Georgia divorce cases!

C & W is proud to announce that we recently won a huge victory for a client and in the process, established law that was previously unsettled in the State of Georgia! Stephen Coxen represents a client in a divorce matter where one of the most contested issues in the divorce was whether the client's spouse would have an interest in the remainder of the unused portion of disability insurance policy benefits the client had received some years ago. This is an issue that had previously been unaddressed by the Georgia courts. Mr. Coxen argued this issue to the trial court where the court agreed with Mr. Coxen and determined that the benefits were the separate property of the injured client. That decision was appealed to the Georgia Supreme Court and today, that court too agreed with Mr. Coxen and determined the remaining benefits were the separate property of the injured client. Further, the Supreme Court followed Mr. Coxen's argument and legal theory, expounded on it, and established what the law of the State of Georgia will be moving forward as it pertains to the division of disability insurance benefits in a divorce proceeding!

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